Just like you, we are travelers. And traveling is so essential to us that we decided to make a living out of it by helping fellow travelers get the most out of a journey to Naples and the surrounding area.

Our recipe? Traveler’s needs + Knowledge + Passion = Best Private Tours

Traveler’s needs: As hungry travelers ourselves, we reflected on the needs we tend to fulfill during our trips. They are quite a few and not the same for everyone of course. Some of them are:

Knowledge: Our southern land — Naples and the surrounding territory — is full of cultural heritage, natural beauty and traditionally delicious food. Being so much into traveling we devoured the knowledge about the historical sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum. We hiked through the ups and downs of the Gods’ Walk over the Amalfi Coast. We discovered the lesser known food places.

Passion: we combined our passion for traveling with traveler’s needs and knowledge to share this unique mix with others. With the ones who want to visit our land and be immersed in a memorable local experience. With those who want to taste the delicious Mediterranean food in the restaurants where locals go (and not in the tourist traps). With those who just want a great day tour.

Central to our approach is the idea that being local experts is a process of constant self-education. Although we (humbly) built some expertise, we continue to improve our offering. We update our knowledge, we discover new destinations, we listen to our fellow travelers’ feedback.

We have no scripted speeches or monologues, instead we tell you the story! We know well that you’d love to get the most out of your trip, with the time and money you have. And we aim to get you just that!

Why choose us

  1. Our customers are all happy (words of praise on Google, honest opinions on TripAdvisor and even an endorsement and recommendation by Islands Magazine)
  2. Pay nothing now (but only after having experienced our private tour)
  3. You’ll really understand our English

What we do

Our team of local experts and real insiders takes a thoughtful approach to creating tailor-made tours that perfectly fulfill your needs. Our meticulous planning, in-depth knowledge and honest advice all ensure that you will enjoy the most memorable travel experience.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Review your request, ask necessary questions, and work as hard as we can to build you the best personalized itinerary
  • Share insider tips via email even before you come
  • Make you skip the tourist traps whenever it’s possible.
  • Recommend (and possibly take you to) places where to eat great food, even if it’s just a dessert
  • Offer you hopefully the best personalized private tour to any major attraction in the bay of Naples and beyond

And we’ve got so much more to offer than just what’s mentioned above. Whether it’s a last minute change of itinerary or an extra stop for another great view or at the supermarket to buy some local food for your trip back home, a shorter visit to Pompeii because you are tired or another half-day tour to see even more.

In can be pretty anything. And we are here for you!

Whom it is for

You may be a post-retirement adventurer or just an experienced traveler, a couple going on honeymoon or a first time travelerOr maybe you are thinking and planning to retrace your grandparents or even great-grandparents and visit places where they lived or were born? What really matters is that you are planning to come to southern Italy. And you are possibly looking for a private tour of the best sights around, but on your terms.

For example, let’s say you are enjoying your retirement and kind of thinking about visiting Italy, again. Odds are you’ve been to the country that have constantly been in the top 5 of the most visited countries in the last 20 years. Why not?

Maybe you have been to Italy a while ago but never managed to visit any place south of Rome. Or even if you have been to Naples and had visited Pompeii before. Did you see the marvelously preserved excavations in Herculaneum (that may be considered better than ruins of Pompeii)?

Let’s say you’ve done it all. Why would you want to come again?

We cannot possibly know your answer. What we know though is that our past customers enthusiastically visited Italy once again, for a second or even third time!

Some young couples who added the Amalfi coast to their honeymoon itinerary, came to collect vivid and unique memories of the photoshoot-inspiring coast. Other older couples had chosen to revisit Italy for a romantic anniversary, several times even for a double anniversary with their friends.

Some of them in particular, who became our friends for life, did a fantastic job of bringing their extended family here, in several stages.

First as retirees in their late 70s they came on a cruise with their children. They had been to Italy and even to Pompeii in the past, but wanted to complete their experience with a hike to the Mount Vesuvius and a walk through the remains of Herculaneum. What’s more, they got to eat a delicious and very special pizza-by-the-meter which made their day.

They were so happy with their private tour that they recommended us to their in-laws who, guess what, did came down to Sorrento for another visit of the Southern Italy. They’ve been to Italy decades ago and traveled primarily through the bus tours. Of course this time they felt the difference of actually enjoying the relaxed pace of the day tour by car versus rushing from destination to destination in a big group. They liked their private experience so much that they decided to write a review online, the first ever in their lives! However they didn’t know how to do that so they just send it to us via email. That was so sweet!

But the story doesn’t end there, because those same incredible customers of ours recommended us to their nephews who actually came later in the summer to experience a full day hike of the Gods’ Walk (aka The Path of the Gods) along the Amalfi coast. These brother and sister were impressed with the views they got to witness along the trail and brought memories and pictures of them back home.

Lastly, they shared their experience with grandparents — our incredible recommenders from above — who eventually recommended us to their neighbors who came that same summer with their children and hiked a part of the Gods’ Walk trail with us.

These incredible people are the reason why we entirely rely on word-of-mouth and spend zero on advertising.

Even the popular travel magazine Islands mentioned us only because the author had personally booked a private tour with us and was totally happy about it. A consistent part of our past customers found us thanks to recommendations they got from their friends who also had been on a tour with us. The only other possible way you are reading this, is because you were doing a research online and found us. And we are happy about it!

Mt Vesuvius hike, Pompeii visit and Amalfi coast drive. All in one day? Easily!
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Pace and touring style

Some prefer to see as much as possible and visit as many spots as they possibly can (not be the best approach according to Anthony Bourdain though). And that’s understandable, especially if you are coming on a cruise ship to Naples or Salerno and only have half a day to explore the surrounding area. Or for example when your stay is short, like 1-2 days, and you want to actively spend the available time.

Some others enjoy a more relaxed touring pace so to enjoy fewer sites but savouring them without rush.

And of course travelers have their touring preferences: how much they want to hear vs just seeing, how much information they want to get, how often they want to stop for a picture etc.

We can take you on half day tour and you’ll see a couple of destinations (and certainly be back on your cruise ship in time, if that’s your case). And if your time allows it, a full day tour is even better! Visit a couple of destinations and taste some local yummyness. We always try to answer all of your questions (and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll research that and deliver to you on the very next day). We tell you interesting facts and stories without overwhelming you with too much talking. We strive to do our best at meeting your needs by being as engaging and responsive as we can.

We want you to be inspired, informed, and delighted.

And if after a day of touring you fall asleep in the car on your way back to your hotel, that’s just fine. We get it. No one will wake you up to finish the broadcast of overwhelming information as they usually do in the tour buses. Have a rest and we’ll take you back to your hotel or wherever you need to go.


In July 2017 Mt Vesuvius was burning down due to wildfires. One couple had planned and booked a tour with us months in advance. They wanted to hike up to the summit. But due to the widespread fires and hazardous fumes, it was not possible. Everything happened just a few days before their arrival.

The unfortunate situation could have thrown them off, but our readiness to offer an alternative plan and their openness to accept it made things work. We quickly managed to change plans. We did the hike along the Gods’ Walk trail with unspeakably beautiful views. At the end of the day, they were happy about it.

Sometimes you plan and things you can’t control take over. There isn’t much you can do. What actually matters when things go wrong is your attitude.

Change of plans can happen even on the go. Let’s say you’ve planned to hike up to the summit of Mount Vesuvius, drive along the Amalfi coast and then visit Pompeii. And by the time you arrive in Pompeii you feel too tired to walk a couple of hours. No problem. We can shorten the visit just to the time you are willing to spend there and still show you the major highlights of the historical site. Otherwise, you can even opt for a shorter visit to Herculaneum where you can see much more than in Pompeii in short time.

We are flexible and listen to your needs.

Amalfi coast drive, delicious pizza lunch and Herculaneum. All in one day? Easily!
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It’s true that you will most likely arrange your own transfer to the hotel, whether it’s by public transportation or taxi.

Consider one common situation: you arrive and stay in Naples for a couple of days to enjoy the city (by the way, here are the best 3 hotels in Naples for as low as 81€/night). Then you choose to explore the Amalfi coast and stay in one of the romantic top rated hotels in Amalfi, Positano or Ravello.

One option to get there is via train from Naples with a transfer on bus in Sorrento. Cheap and long, but would also be the most crowded and inconvenient with luggage.

Another option, fast and comfortable, is the taxi, but you’ll need to spend 130-150 Euros. Otherwise you can research some private shuttle service online. It all depends on your level of adventure, your budget and your desire to get to your destination with or without much thinking!

That’s where we come in.

By booking a private tour of, let’s say, the Amalfi coast (but also Pompeii or Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius and Paestum) with us, we will pick you up in Naples (with all your luggage), spend a full day showing you around and guiding you through the interesting sights and then drop you off at the end of the day at your hotel anywhere on the coast. Whether it’s Naples or Salerno, Sorrento or Positano, Amalfi or Ravello, we can pick you up in any town and eventually drop you off at your accommodation anywhere else.

You get 2-in-1private tour and transfer — with no extra cost. Sounds great, right? Think about it and take advantage of this opportunity.

Mt Vesuvius hike, Pompeii visit and Amalfi coast drive. All in one day? Easily!
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